ZeroPointGames BF4 =ZPG= MEATGRINDER 2015 Ranked Public Server (Retired)

Server off line May 1st 2015 due to inactivity - See what we can muster in the future.
PUBG Game Play Underway 2018



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Zips in the wire!

ZPG Members & Grunts = Family

All Members and Grunts run ZPG tags, same team same family weather they donate or not. Grunts are promoted to members after they have served time and earned trust.

ZPG Server Donations for 2017 & 2018


ZPG Server Donations Monthly

$12 Bardo Senior Admin > paypal subscription




ZPG is a gaming community we depend upon donations to keep our servers running if you can't contribute thank one of those listed for here for their contributions supporting our operation.