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ATTENTION / The Basics: ZPG's Rules of Engagement

We all know there are plenty of servers on-line to play just about any game you can purchase or download. Most servers are not moderated by in game Administrators and can get pretty messed up with TKing or all around abusive language and miserable spawn camping etc. Most of us have been there and done that, and ended up here as it's a controlled environment. Moderated by adults and moderated in a more friendly way than most servers out there on the net.

1. Anyone in the game running capital ZPG tags are either game ZPG Administrators or full ZPG members and they should be obeyed and respected when they issue commands or in game requests period! If you question that authority rather than heed it you will be dealt with in a manner they pick to get your attention. These guys own Zero Point Games and pay for the servers, web hosting and voice servers.

2. Anyone running lower case zpg tags are our grunt class or our friends pre approved and screened by members, they are most likely in our Team Speak server with our full members and they have gone through the proper procedures requesting permission from the members to sport these tags, they will get squad selection priority in our squads.

3. Please pay attention to the in game announcements as many of our server rules will be scrolling in the game. We are always seeking mature members to beef our ranks, if you are interested in joining our ranks register on our forums and come into Team Speak and game with us so we might be able to get to know you.

4. Anyone found running any type of ZPG tag in game unauthorized and they will have their nick and key hash banned from that game! This includes letting anyone other than you come into our server running your nick and or tags. It's completely unacceptable under any situation.

5. Excessive cursing in Team Speak and in the voice over IP or in the in game chat is not acceptable, allowances are made according to the situation and tone used in most occasions. I expect ZPG members and Administrators to set a good example for the new guys if possible.

6. Do not attack the uncaps or spawn camp visitors, try and populate our server not depopulate it. Don't rape the oppositions un caps or airfields, engage them outside the uncap and don't do anything to kill the server

7. Map exploits as they are found well be dealt with, many games have them (glitches) and if they are used in a manner that disrupts the game you will be kicked and then banned if you don't heed the warnings! Hacks found in use will be dealt with (PB perm Bans).

8. If you ever have a complaint about a member or an Admin post it on our forum and do not take it up in the game and disrupt game play of others! Same applies if you feel you where banned unfairly.

9. If you have a spawn killing smacktard torturing you in game, spawn somewhere else! Note if it's a ZPG member or grunt and notify an admin.

10. Always try and be in Team Speak with our staff when playing so you know what's going on with the Admins or members, If you get so upset that you lose your cool, go do something else for a while, read the forum, post something, join Teamspeak and chat! But don't let the game stress you out! Have Fun!



DOD definition defines our tags

'Zero Point'

Department of Defense
D.O.D. - Definition: 'Zero Point is the location of the center of a burst of a nuclear weapon at the instant of detonation. The zero point may be in the air, or on or beneath the surface of land or water, depending upon the type of burst.'

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