About Our Gaming Community

ZPG members are all good friends from all over the US, Canada, Norway & the Netherlands and Holland that get along in our Team Speak server and enjoy BF4 as well as many other games together on-line. We would rather squad up in what ever game it might be and tear it up on line than sit in front of the TV after work like a sea slug sucking moss off rocks! We don't allow hackers in our ranks and we screen new applicants for thick or thin skin and good gaming habits before anyone is accepted into the member's ranks. In other words if your abrasive that's fine but if you can't respect and get along with other members we can't have you in our ranks.

Our members are over 18 and under 65 many are vets many are not, age is not important maturity is the key. Overall everyone respects each other's ability to agree or disagree. Our dues are optional and pay for our operational overhead and keep the gears greased and gas in our armor. More information about membership can be found on our Pay Pal page. We are always seeking new members that have the desire to work as a team, squad work is important and it makes a huge difference in how much fun you have on-line!


Our History

ZPG members where originally a gathering of players that met on the beach (Omaha Beach BF1942 DC -TDM) or on our (BF1942 Coral Sea Server) regularly to do battle with each other and to join forces to annihilate anyone that landed on our beach or ship! Most of us became good friends in extreme gaming combat, and remain good friends in Teamspeak and chat to this day. That was over 7 years ago now!

We ran our own public 1942 DCF and BFV-POE servers and they became extremely popular. The "ZPG MEATGRINDER" was our most popular server. We ran many custom server side mods on 1942 DCF and BFV-POE 4.4 including some custom ZPG map packs thanks to our in house ZPG modding team.

With the release of BF2 things changed with the new ranking system. We could only run un-ranked servers on our primary leased corporate server box in Dallas Texas. Unranked servers are not very popular due to everyone wanting to gain the next weapon unlocks etc. We surveyed our senior members and agreed to all chip in and purchase a ranked server on a month to month basis. We gave it the same name as prior successful ZPG servers “ZPG MEATGRINDER”. For the last 4 years we have run BF2-SF ranked servers, BF2 & 2142 ranked servers and we have gone for months at a time with no ranked server and just enjoyed invading other servers in force and inflicting dominating victory's upon our hosts. We are currently back to building our own bank of ranked server and need new members to help grow our community.


Current Server - BF4 = ZPG= MEATGRINDER 2013

In late 2013 we have moved into battlefield 4, we purchased a 48 slot ranked BF4 server, we are currently testing maps and server game modes to refine what will work best. We are running the server in differant modes currently and testing maps.



Membership Information

[zpg] Grunts

Entry level access for those wishing to a part of our community & support our servers with quality game play, no dues required you run the [zpg] tags. You have first access to enter the server when it's full by requesting one of our admins for access in TeamSpeak. When you wear our tags you represent us in our server so any less than respectable game play will result in the same disciplinary actions as anyone else in the server. It is required to be in Teamspeak during gameplay, you might be asked to watch a player from time to time that is causing problems for our admins. You may be asked to do suicide missions for our full members to prove your loyalty to our members. To be a [zpg] Grunt you have to be registered in our Teamspeak server and on our forums. You cannot let anyone use your game profile while the ZPG tags are in place. This will result in an end to your status. If you're a zpgGrunt and your absent for over 90 days we are dropping your ass!


[ZPG] Members (Full Membership) Month to month

ZPG members pay monthly dues [$12 monthly] to support our server rentals and administrative costs, this rate is based upon .40 cents a day. Members get server priority on our own ranked servers while running our full members tags and have an active vote and input on our servers settings and rules. We hold membership meetings to discuss these operations as the need arises. There are other perks discussed during new member debriefings. You will see our Tips and Tricks section on the forum for BF3 and BC2 as well as many other members only areas. You cannot let anyone use your game profile while the ZPG tags are in place. This will result in an end to your status. [This rank qualifies you to be trained as a in game admin if you seek the responsibility].


[ZPGS] - Senior Members (Full Membership)

ZPG Senior Members & Team Speak Admins, Web site Admins and Forum Moderators, systems programmers. game server Admins DBA's, They have access to maintain and update and manage these services. These guys are the life blood of ZPG and keep the place alive and in line with our rules and regulations. In order to achieve this rank you have to be approved by current members at a ZPG members meeting. These guys have been with ZPG over a year "Senior Members" or more to gain senior status. The dues are based on a .50 cents a day rate $12 a month dues. Game Admins are normaly picked up from this rank.


[ZPGA] - Game Server Administrators

This is the highest rank you can achieve at ZPG without being a founder or life time member , these guys have not had a break in service and have been leaders in all capacity's in game and in Team Speak or on the forums. This rank rides shotgun over all other ranks and gets wider access in all areas here at ZPG. Loyalty and consistency and level headedness are a few of the characteristics required to archive this rank. You must be a member in good standings at ZPG for a minimum of three months; you also must be willing to use the dues auto subscription paypal payment method for paying your dues unless you pay your dues annually.


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